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The electric skateboard mod for FiveM is a highly optimized and fully functional script that supports FiveM Keymapping and QB-Target.

It allows players to place the skateboard on the ground from their inventory, get on it by targeting the board, and easily get off by pressing “G.” The mod is compatible with all versions of FiveM and has been thoroughly tested. With its convenient installation process, this electric skateboard mod enhances the gameplay experience by providing a quick and efficient mode of transportation within the game.

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An electric skateboard fivem is a vehicle that uses an electric motor to power its wheels. It is a popular mode of transportation for people who want to get around quickly and easily. Electric skateboards are also a great way to exercise, as you can use your body weight to power the skateboard.

FiveM is a modification for the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V. It allows players to create their servers and play with other players online. Electric skateboards are a popular mod for FiveM, allowing players to get around quickly and easily.
To install an electric skateboard mod for qbcore, you must download the mod from a reputable source. Once you have downloaded the mod, you must extract the files to your FiveM directory. Once the files have been extracted, you must add the mod to your FiveM server. To do this, open the server.cfg file

Here are Features the electric skateboard script in FiveM:
  • Supports FiveM Keymapping
  • Supports QB-Target
  • Highly Optimized

How to use:

  • Use the board in your inventory to place on the ground
  • Target the board and choose “Get on”
  • When you want to get off the skateboard press “G”
  • Target the board again and choose “Pick up” t
Here are some additional details about the electric skateboard mod for FiveM:
  • The mod is compatible with all versions of FiveM.
  • The mod is fully functional and has been tested extensively.
  • The mod is easy to install and use.

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  1. MauriceJar

    i got one of the best script.Thanks

  2. Jeffreytow


    the seller is an amazing worker and does good work I would highly recommend him if anybody is hesitant don’t be he gets the job done thank you

  3. JosephHip

    Hassan always goes above and beyond for his client. He installed everything I asked and did a little extra. Great experience. Will be using him constantly.

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