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I wanted to make something to utilize elevators that have open interiors without going into additional UIs for the clients while still making it relatively easy to expand as elevators were added to the city.

Take Your FiveM Experience to New Heights with Our elevator script fivem – Elevate Your RP Adventures Today with qbcore framework

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elevator script fivem is based on the ox_lib framework. It allows players to use elevators to travel between floors in a building, and it also supports custom animations and sounds.

Has native support to switch between any third eye application in config; now natively supports NH-Menu, QB-Menu and OX_LIB via config controls.


  •  QBCore support
  • Open Source
  • Easier config by only changing config file and not client file
  • Unlimited job support instead of only 3 or 4
  • Optional notification system for ESX, QBCore or MythicNotify
  • Smoother teleportation without ESX dependency
  • Combined all elevators into a main config that loops, etc.

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