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A fivem backpack script that allows players to carry more items within their inventory.

Players in fivem are only allowed a certain number of goods in their inventory. Nevertheless, some games let users carry extra items by putting backpack props on their hands or backs. These bags can be made to feature locking mechanisms and even animated opening and shutting. Some games have blackliste specific objects that cannot be kept in backpacks in order to prevent exploits. Additionally, some games restrict how many backpacks a player can use by making them a Hotbar item. Carrying additional things typically results in heavier loads and slower movement. Game designers must carefully evaluate the mechanics of backpacks and how they affect gameplay in order to maintain balance.


  • players can carry more materials in their inventory
  • backpack props on the player’s back or hands
  • blackliste items
  • opening/closing animation
  • locking system for backpacks
  • players can not use backpacks if they are not on their Hotbar
  • no backpack in backpack exploit
  • (removed) weight and slower movement speed


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