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Battle passes give players something to work towards, which can help to keep them engaged on the server.

Battle passes can be a great way to generate revenue for your server. You can sell battle passes directly to players, or you can offer them as a reward for completing challenges.

  help to create a sense of community on your server. Players can work together to complete challenges and earn rewards.

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A fivem battlepass is a system that rewards players for completing challenges or spending time on the server. It is a popular way to keep players engaged and coming back for more.

With this system, you can give your players additional activities to do in the game and keep them in the game for longer. It will be good for your server .


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config.
  • Fully optimized, tested on a 400-players server.
  • Daily task system (Deleted at period you set).
  • Stable task system.
  • Responsive Design.
  • System for selling premium memberships by directly connecting stores with Tebex.
  • esay to use
  • qbcore

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