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Disabling fall damage essentially removes the penalty of taking health damage when your character falls from a height in FiveM. This is achieved through server-side scripts that modify the game’s core mechanics.

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Basic Disable Fall Damage Script For Fivem
The SoftFall script revolutionizes fall mechanics on your FiveM server, offering a dynamic new way to interact with gravity during gameplay. Compatible with the QBCore and ESX framework, SoftFall introduces strategic depth and thrilling new possibilities to player actions. Whether making daring leaps off buildings or venturing atop vertiginous heights, SoftFall ensures players can embark on such adventures with enhanced safety. The script’s flexibility allows server administrators to configure whether an item is necessary for fall cushioning, accommodating various gameplay styles and preferences. This adaptability ensures that SoftFall fits seamlessly into any server’s ecosystem, enhancing the experience for all players involved.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • The script is highly optimized,
  • Resistant to cheating or abuse attempts by the player,
  • Allows full customization:

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