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You should buy a FiveM drone script for a few reasons.

  • Customization: A drone script allows you to customize the drone in various ways. You can choose the drone’s appearance, abilities, and controls. This gives you much freedom to create a drone that fits your needs and play style.
  • Immersion: A drone script can add a new level of immersion to your FiveM experience. Being able to control a drone makes the game feel more realistic. You can use drones for surveillance, transportation, or combat, giving you a lot of different ways to interact with the game world.
  • Role-playing: A drone script can be a great way to enhance your role-playing experience. If you are playing a pilot character, for example, you can use the drone script to fly missions or scout out areas.

Of course, there are also some free drone scripts available for FiveM. However, if you want a more comprehensive and customizable experience, consider buying a premium script.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a premium drone script:

  • More features: Premium drone scripts often have more features than free scripts. This could include things like the ability to equip drones with weapons, the ability to create custom missions, or the ability to use drones in multiplayer sessions.
  • Better performance: Premium drone scripts are often better optimized than free scripts. This means that they will run smoother, and they will be less likely to cause lag.
  • More support: Premium drone scripts often come with better support. This means that if you have any problems with the script, you can get help from the developer.

If you are serious about adding a drone to your FiveM experience, I recommend buying a premium script. The extra features and support are worth the investment.

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 The mod allow player to add custom fivem drone script to the game, which can be use for various purposes, such as scouting, deliver cargo, and attack enemies.

qbcore Drones mod is a great way to add extra immersion and customize to your GTA V role-playing experience. If you want to add some extra firepower or scouting capabilities to your character, this mod is worth checking out.


  • Use Drones as regular item and add it to your shops to improve RP experience.
  • Control your drone with easy.
  • Give various abilities to drone such as Explosive, Tazing, Night vision and Thermal vision
  • 360 rotatable inbuilt camera.
  • x16 zoom capability
  • Auto come to Home feature for easy landing.
  • It’s synced everyone will see your actions and drone.
  • Fully configurable
  • Can limit to Emergence and LEO services
  • Custom addon drone added to script it se
Here are some of the benefits of using the qb-Drones mod:
  •  adds a new level of immersion to the GTA V role-playing experience. Using drones to scout, deliver cargo, or attack enemies can make the game more realistic.
  • It is a great way to customize your GTA V experience. With the qbcore Drones mod, you can choose the drones you want to use, and you can even customize them with various weapons and equipment.
  •  easy-to-use mod. The qbcore Drones mod is BUA A to download and install and effortless to use.

If you want to add some extra immersion and customization to your GTA V role-playing experience, check out the qb-Drones mod.

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