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The social movement animations are any kind of animation that represents a group who advocates for change in society such as the LGBTQ and BLM animations in which their communities advocate for liberation, some communities might feel as if people will use them in an ironic manner or to troll which would be disrespectful and some servers might be based in countries where it is shunned due to their bigoted religion so a config option was implemented to respect both these communities and religious beliefs which will disable all animations with this added.
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By default the configured keybinds in the *initial* config.lua will be the default keys, however once the keybinds are set for a player, they’ll stay and editing the keybinds in the config will change them for new players only. Previous players can set their own keybinds within `Esc > settings > keybinds > fivem`.
To use emote binds you need to have the `EnableEmoteBinds` option enabled in the config.lua, this will allow your players to bind emotes by opening the keybinds sub menu. Each option within the sub menu is binded to a key within `Esc > settings > keybinds > fivem` that your players can change to their own preferred keys to play emotes.
We’ve addressed concerns about anticheat scripts causing unintended bans or kicks by introducing a prop extractor config option. This automates the creation of a `prop_dump.lua` file in the resource folder, making it easier for server owners to manage props and mitigate false positives in the anticheat system. This enhancement aims to create a more secure and fair gaming environment for community members.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Over 20 translations
  • Search option
  • Custom animations
  • Prop emotes
  • Consumable emotes
  • Animal emotes
  •  Synchronized animations
  • Synchronized particle effects with optional automated feature and color support
  • Ability to hide certain menus along with NSFW, gang and social movement emotes
  • Easy to understand configuration file
  • Exports and events to integrate within other resources
  •  Walk styles that save
  •  Prop variation support
  •  Hands up, Pointing and crouching
  •  Ability to hide animations from the menu
  •  Commands
  • Emote binding
  • Ability to have multiple emotes within an option to play a random one when selected
  •  Ability to make certain synchronized emotes skip the request
  • Ability to add walk styles and expressions to your radial menu
  • Prop extractor for anticheat systems
  • Emote preview system by holding `E` while selecting an emote
  •  Compatibility with QBCore events
  •  Ability to choose where you do your animation

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