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A FiveM fuel script is a mod that adds a fuel system to the game. This means that vehicles will run out of fuel over time, and players will need to refuel them at gas stations. There are many different fuel scripts available for FiveM, each with its own features and settings.

If you are looking for a way to add realism and new gameplay opportunities to your FiveM server, then a this fuel script is a great option. There are many different fuel scripts available, so you can choose one that fits your needs and preferences.

FiveM experience with advanced fivem fuel script systems. Explore fuel nozzles, pumps, and gas stations in QBCore shop and Legacy variants.

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A highly in-depth fuel system for FiveM with support for the QBCore Framework & QBox Remastered. This is a feature-rich fuel script that includes electric charging, syphoning, and player-owned gas stations.


  • Show all gas station blips via Config Options.
  • Vehicle blowing up chance percent via Config Options.
  • Pump Explosion Chance when running away with Nozzles via Config Options.
  • Global Tax and Fuel Prices via Config Options.
  • Target eye for all base fuel actions, not including Jerry Can & Syphoning.
  • Fuel and Charging Nozzle with realistic animations.
  • Custom sounds for every action, like refueling & charging.
  • Select amount of fuel you want to put in your vehicle.
  • On cancel, the amount you put in will be fille.
  • Option to pay cash or with your bank.
  • Toggleable Jerry Cans via Config Options.
  • Syphoning built-in via Config Options.
  • Electric Charging with a Custom Model & pre-configured locations.
  • Player Owned Gas Stations that can be maintained by the Owner.
  • Highly User Friendly Menus for Gas Station Owners.
  • Reserve Levels which are maintaine by the Owner of the Gas Station or Unlimite base on Config Options.
  • Renamable Gas Stations on Map with Blackklisted words.
  • Helicopter and Boat Refueling.
  • Configurable discounts for Emergency Services.
  • Configurable Hose for the Fuel Nozzle.
  • Official Support for the OX Library. (Inventory/Menus/Target)

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