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Players can alter their licence plate to a personalized, false one using the Persistent false Plates (Saves through garages) and Synced Plate Changing capabilities, and the fake plate will remain even after the car is impounded or placed in a garage. Roleplaying games like FiveM frequently employ this feature to increase the level of immersion in the gaming.

A script or mod that can alter a vehicle’s licence plate and save it to a database or file that may be accessed later is required to provide this functionality. This enables the personalised licence plate to survive even when the car is seized or kept in storage. So that everyone can see the new licence plate, the script can also be set up to sync the plate change across all clients on the server.

Another feature that may be introduced to a script or mod is multilingual support with QBCore Locales. To make it simple to translate text-based material, FiveM frequently makes use of the language localization system QBCore Locales. A script can be created to support many languages with QBCore Locales, enabling users from various regions to use the script in their native tongue. This can significantly improve user experience and increase the script’s accessibility to a larger audience.

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  1. Persistent Fake Plates ( Saves through garages )
  2. Synced Plate Changing
  3. Multi-Language Support using QBCore Locales
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