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comprehensive mugshot system that allows you to take mugshots of suspects and then have them uploaded to a web hook.

Use your mugshot as your profile picture on social media or on a FiveM roleplay server.

Use your mugshot as a prop in a FiveM roleplay scene.

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This Fivem Mugshot script is a server-sided script that allows players to take pictures of suspects and then have them uploaded to a web hook. To use this script, you will need to add it to your server’s resources folder and configure it according to your needs. Once you have configured the script, players will be able to take mugshots of suspects by interacting with a special object in the game world.


  • Teleports player into correct area
  • All client sided to improve performance
  • Mugshot Board with players information on
  • Automatically takes and uploads the images to a discord webhook
  • Highly configurable
  • Supports all MLOs via the config also has an option for no MLO’s which TP’s suspects to an IPL and back
  • QB Callback to request latest mugshots on that session for a citizenID
  • qbcore framework supports

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If you have any other questions and issues related to this Fivem Mugshot Script  product then you can contact.If you want any mlo related to this script then visit FIVEM MLO SHOP


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