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The parachute script can be configured to have a variety of features, such as the ability to control the parachute’s direction, open and close the parachute, and land safely. The specific features that are available will vary depending on the script that is being used.

To use a parachute script, players must first equip the parachute item. This can be done by opening their inventory and dragging the parachute item to their hotbar. Once the parachute item is equipped, players can jump from a high place and press the key that is bound to the parachute item to deploy it.

The parachute script is a popular modification that can be used to add a new level of realism and excitement to the FiveM multiplayer mod. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as skydiving, BASE jumping, and escaping from high-rise buildings.

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Very simple fivem parachute script I made because I was bored. Its standalone (works with any framework), for target it uses OX/QB/BT target changeable from the config.

A FiveM parachute script is a modification that allows players to use a parachute in the FiveM multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V. The script typically adds a parachute item to the game that players can equip and use to slow their descent when jumping from a high place.

The parachute script works by adding a new entity to the game, called a parachute. This entity is attached to the player’s character when they equip the parachute item. When the player jumps from a high place, the parachute entity is deployed and begins to slow the player’s descent.


  • Open source
  • Qbcore Framework
  • ox target support
  • qb target support
  • bt target support


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