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Tired of the same old FiveM pause menu? It’s time to inject your server with a dash of personality! This guide will empower you to add a custom map, change the title, and even tweak the entire menu</strong> to match your vision. Buckle up, scripters and server owners, and get ready to transform your pause experience!

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Ditch the Los Santos default! Showcase your custom map, city, or even terrain with a map that resonates with your server’s theme. Imagine pirates navigating their treacherous seas or adventurers exploring uncharted lands – all reflected in the fivem pause menu script.

FiveM isn’t Los Santos anymore! Make your mark with a custom title that screams your server’s essence. Whether it’s “Elysium Oasis Escape” or “Neon City Chronicles,” set the tone right from the pause screen.

This is your canvas, get creative! Add widgets, information panels, server rules, or even a mini-game. Let players explore, engage, and feel connected even when the action pauses.

The secret sauce! Craft a script that controls your custom map, title, and functionalities. It’s your playground to code magic and bring your vision to life.

QBCore users, listen up! Integrate your pause menu seamlessly with your existing framework. Display player stats, cash, or faction affiliations for a truly personalized experience.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • menu titel
  • menu logo
  • setting
  • resume
  • map
  • character information

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Fivem pause menu scriptFivem scripts and server essentials, including QB Core framework, QBus scripts, and utility pause menu for an gaming experience.
fivem pause menu script


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