fivem police job script (Full police pack)

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Explore a comprehensive FiveM police job script with boss menu, free MLO, drones, radargun, badge, and more features.

FiveM police job scripts are the backbone of law enforcement roleplay on the popular Grand Theft Auto V modification platform. These scripts breathe life into the world for players who want to experience the thrill of serving and protecting or the cunning of evading capture.

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Police Job for QB-Core Framework :police_officer:
This is an edited version of the official qb-policejob with added features.

Police job scripts are a valuable asset for FiveM servers, enriching the law enforcement roleplay experience. They provide a framework for realistic interactions, improve server workflow, and ultimately enhance player immersion.



  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Multiple locations
  • Tie players with a rope item and untie them with knife
  • Target ped interactions (Robplayer, Tie / Untie, Kidnap – Escort and Cuff for policejob only)
  •  Updated the evidence stash
  •  Change the duty with the menu
  •  You can write comment on evidence bags
  •  Added config option for block to see trough walls with thermal in heli
  •  Added target and ped for police garage
  •  Every garage has his own vehicle list
  •  Changed the garage logic where you can choose the job level for a specific car
  •  Moved the livery option into the car options
  •  Added option for max mods for engine, brake, transmission, armour, turbo
  •  Added target and ped for spawning and returning helicopter
  •  Only 1 heli can be spawned by 1 player
  • Each officier can get 1 vehicle and return it from ped menu
  • Classical requirements like on duty/off duty, clothing, vehicle, stash etc.
  •  Citizen ID based armory (Whitelisted)
  •  Fingerprint test
  •  Evidence locker (stash)
  •  Whitelisted vehicles
  •  Speed radars across the map
  •  Stormram
  •  Impounding player vehicle (permanent / for an amount of money)
  •  Integrated jail system
  •  Bullet casings
  •  GSR
  •  Blood drop
  •  Evidence bag & Money bag
  •  Police radar
  •  Handcuff as an item (Can used via command too. Check Commands section.)
  •  Emergency services can see each other on map


Commands –

  • – /spikestrip – Places spike strip on ground.
  • – /pobject [pion/barier/schotten/tent/light/delete] – Places or deletes an object on/from ground.
  • – /cuff – Cuffs/Uncuffs nearby player
  • – /escort – Escorts nearby plyer.
  • – /callsign [text] – Sets the player a callsign on database.
  • – /clearcasings – Clears nearby bullet casings.
  • – /jail [id] [time] – Sends a player to the jail.
  • – /unjail [id] – Takes the player out of jail.
  • – /clearblood – Clears nearby blood drops.
  • – /seizecash – Seizes nearby player’s cash. (Puts in money bag)
  • – /sc – Puts soft cuff on nearby player.
  • – /cam [cam] – Shows the selected security cam display.
  • – /flagplate [plate] [reason] – Flags the vehicle.
  • – /unflagplate [plate] – Removes the flag of a vehicle.
  • – /plateinfo [plate] – Displays if a vehicle is marked or not.
  • – /depot [price] – Depots nearby vehicle. Player can take it after paying the cost.
  • – /impound – Impounds nearby vehicle permanently.
  • – /paytow [id] – Makes payment to the tow driver.
  • – /paylawyer [id] – Makes payment to the lawyer.
  • – /radar – Toggles the police radar.
  • – /911 [message] – Sends a report to emergency services.
  • – /911r [id] – Used to respond the emergency alerts.
  • – /911a [message] – Sends an anonymous report to emergency services (gives no location).
  • – /anklet – Places anklet (tracking device) on nearby player.
  • – /removeanklet [citizenid] – Removes the anklet from player.
  • – /ebutton – Used to respond an emergency alert.
  • – /takedrivinglicense – Takes the driving license from nearby player.
  • – /takedna [id] – Takes a DNA sample from the player.

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