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FiveM’s world of roleplay servers thrives on interactivity and intuitive controls. A key element in achieving this is the radial menu, a circular interface that allows players to quickly access various actions specific to their character or situation. Here’s a breakdown of this vital tool.

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Imagine a pie chart where each slice represents an action your character can perform. That’s essentially a radial menu in FiveM. It pops up on your screen, usually triggered by a keybind, displaying icons or text labels for available actions. Selecting a slice executes the corresponding action, saving you time and fumbling through long menus.


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Keybind: A designated key on your keyboard or controller triggers the menu to pop up.
  • Menu Items: These represent the actions your character can perform. They can be icons, text labels, or a combination of both.
  • Submenus: Some menus allow for nested options. Selecting a main menu item might open a submenu with further choices, providing a more organized way to handle complex actions.
  • Customization: Some scripts allow server owners or players to adjust the menu’s appearance, keybinds, or even the available actions.
  • Keep it Organized: Don’t overload the menu with too many options. Prioritize frequently used actions and consider submenus for less common ones.
  • Clear Labeling: Use intuitive icons or concise text labels to ensure players understand each option at a glance.
  • Context-Sensitive Menus: Ideally, the menu should adapt based on your character’s role, location, or situation. A police officer’s menu might change depending on if they’re on patrol or arresting someone.

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Benefits of Using Radial Menus:

  • Enhanced Roleplay Experience: Radial menus streamline actions, making roleplay feel more natural. No more breaking character by digging through text menus.
  • Accessibility: They provide a user-friendly alternative to memorizing complex keybinds. New players can easily grasp controls, improving immersion.
  • Customization: Many menus allow server owners and scripters to tailor the options to their specific roleplay scenario. Police officers might have options to arrest or search, while medics could have healing items.

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