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FiveM Shark Bait offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience for both law enforcement and criminal roleplayers.

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Hello! this script will make it so that if the player is in the water with enough depth (configurable in the Config) it will spawn a shark and after a delay (also configurable in a config) the shark will attack you with an animaton and it will spawn you on the nearest beach (also configurable what happens after getting attacked)
Note that this isnt the final version, and that this is a side project of mine, if you have any issues regarding it please create a issue on github and ill get onto it as quickly as i can, ur free to edit and fork it and use it wherever u like, but PLEASE keep in mind that this took 2-3 days because of no one telling me how shark animations work or how in general sharks attack, so a little bit of a credit when using it somewhere else would be appreciated. thank you. i plan on refining the animation and the sharks ability to follow the player in the future and make it more menacing..


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Blood
  • Better Animation
  • Better Recognition
  •  Better Shark
  •  Make the shark attack other players around and not spawn 1 per player

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