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A taxi script in FiveM can enhance the role-playing experience by providing players with a dynamic and interactive job opportunity.

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Introduce a realistic and immersive passenger transportation system to your FiveM server with /calltaxi (NPC) Taxi script for vip.
With our script players can simply request a taxi using a command, and an NPC driver will promptly arrive at their location.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • Easy Configuration
  • Qb-Core Ready
  • Discord VIP System
  • Customizable Taxi Vehicle: Select the desired taxi vehicle spawn name.
  • Adjustable Wait Time: Define the time interval between the taxi request and its arrival, allowing for customization to suit your server’s needs.
  • Command Configuration: Customize the command name and cooldown time, providing smooth and seamless access to the NPC Taxi service.
  • In-Vehicle Calling Option: Enable or disable the ability to call a taxi while inside a vehicle, ensuring roleplay consistency and convenience.
  • Pricing System: Set the price for the taxi service, with options to use in-game currency types such as money, bank, or black money.
  • Discord Vip command 
  • Meter System

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