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It allows server developers and enthusiasts to design custom text-based interfaces that enhance gameplay and roleplay experiences.

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Hello! I created this Fivem Text Ui a few MONTH ago and have decided to publish it since it no longer serves a purpose for me. While the code isn’t my best work


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Lightweight
  • 0.00ms idle time (0.01ms during activity)
  • Close with a key
  • Easy-to-understand code
  • Simple to use with pre-made colors, exports, and trigger events
  • Supports HTML with pre-written styles
  • Includes features for tables, lists, progress, etc.
  • Discord logs via webhooks

Showcase of Fivem Text Ui –

Need help?

If you have any other questions and issues related to this Fivem TextUi fivem then you can contact.If you want any mlo related to this scripts then visit FIVEM MLO SHOP


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