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A basic trucking job system for your QBCore-based FiveM server. Players can sign up for delivery missions, receive job details, spawn a truck, and complete deliveries to earn rewards. This framework can be expanded with additional features like different types of cargo, varying rewards based on distance and difficulty, and more complex mission tracking.

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A modern fivem trucking job with a built in queue system to generate new routes to all those in the queue every x amount of minutes.
A player can have a max of 5 routes at a time, completion of a route will remove it from your routes and you will be paid.
Manually clocking out will wipe all your current routes, remove you from the queue and delete your work vehicle and any trailers.
You have the ability to abort your current route, if you happen to run into any trouble with the trailer.
Routes are stored server side, so you can disconnect from the server, come back and your previous routes will still be there and will auto clock you back in on player load.

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