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FREECam is a freecam script for FiveM that allows you to move your camera around the game world independently of your character. This can be useful for taking screenshots, making videos, or just exploring the game world from a different perspective.

To use FREECam, you will need to download and install the script. Once you have installed the script, you can enable it by pressing the key that you have assigned to it in the config file.

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These are the default controls for the freecam fivem. Keep in mind controls may be different depending on your game settings or keyboard layout.


  • Easy to use freecam API
  • Improved state accuracy over native GTA
  • Moves with the minimap
  • Adjustable moving speed
  • Support for keyboard and gamepads
  • Fully configurable


  • – Mouse to look around
  • – W and S to move forward and backward
  • – A and D to move left and right
  • – Q and E to move up and down
  • – Alt to slow down
  • – Shift to speed up


  • – Left joystick to move around
  • – Right joystick to look around
  • – Left button to move down
  • – Right button to move up
  • – Left trigger to slow down
  • – Right trigger to speed up

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