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You can fix and change anything and everything in the system as you want through the config.

The system has been made unique with the Discord Webhook system, so everything will be within your knowledge 🙂

The systems included in the system are ;

– Profile page, with this page you can access general player information,

– Contact Admin page, with this page you can send tickets to the admins,

– Vault system, an environment where players can open crates and have fun

– The Job screen shows the locations of your jobs,

– Settings, where crosshair and graphics adjustments can be found,

– Rules, You can add rules in the server,

– And additionally you can create as many button menus as you want Systems that will come if the script is popular (additionally allocated as a direct update);

– Battlepass System,

– Auction System; In this way, you can sell your items by auction,

– Coin Transfer; This allows you to allocate coins between your friends,


  • open source
  • store page
  • profile page
  • rule page
  • setting page
  • job
  • ticket page
  • upcoming events
  • battle pass page
  • auction page
  • dimension page
  • coin transfer
  • esay to use
  • qbcore

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