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FiveM is a highly popular modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V that enables a unique and expansive roleplaying experience. One of the core elements in many FiveM servers is the “mechanic” role, which offers players the ability to repair, maintain, and customize vehicles. In this explanation, I’ll break down the key concepts and functionalities of mechanic scripts in FiveM.

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Mechanic script in FiveM provide a wide range of features that emulate and enhance the real-world experience of a vehicle mechanic. Let’s look at the typical components:


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • ui
  • qbcore
  • Vehicle Repair: The most fundamental mechanic function is the ability to repair damaged vehicles. This generally involves:

    • Diagnostics: Mechanics use tools or in-game systems to assess a vehicle’s damage. The script might display the damaged components (e.g., engine, tires, bodywork).
    • Parts: Mechanics need access to replacement parts, either through an inventory system or by purchasing them from suppliers within the game world.
    • Repair Process: The script simulates repairs, often requiring the player to perform mini-games or animations to represent the work being done.
    • Payment: Mechanics receive compensation for their services, which can be linked to in-game economies.
  • Vehicle Customization: Customization is a major area where mechanic scripts shine, offering players the ability to personalize their rides:

    • Body Modifications: Players can change a vehicle’s appearance with new bumpers, spoilers, hoods, paint jobs, and more.
    • Performance Tuning: Mechanics can upgrade engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, etc., to improve a vehicle’s performance and handling.
    • Visual Effects: Some scripts include options for underglow lights, neon signs, or custom tire smoke.
  • Advanced Features: Complex mechanic systems may incorporate additional elements to deepen gameplay:

    • Towing: Mechanics may tow broken-down vehicles to a garage or designated location.
    • Vehicle Inspections: In servers with enhanced realism, vehicles might require periodic inspections to ensure roadworthiness.
    • Engine Swaps: Mechanics could potentially perform complex engine swaps for extensive customization.

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