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The phone system in NoPixel 4.0 is a sophisticated feature that enhances the role-playing experience by providing a realistic and immersive communication tool. By integrating various functionalities such as calls, SMS, GPS, banking, and more, players can enjoy a seamless and interactive in-game experience. The combination of client-side scripting for the user interface and server-side scripting for the backend logic ensures a smooth and responsive system that contributes significantly to the overall gameplay on the server.

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Introducing the nopixel 4.0 phone script for the QB-Core framework, designed to mimic the sleek and stunning design of the iPhone  With its beautiful user interface, the np-Phone script offers a range of convenient features for players in your game.

Stay connected with your friends and community through apps like Twitter and phone call. The Google Maps location app helps players navigate the game world with ease, while the garage app lets them manage their vehicles.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Garages app to see your vehicle details
  • Mails to inform the player
  • Banking app to see balance and transfer money
  • Racing app to create races
  • App Store to download apps
  • MEOS app for polices to search
  • Houses app for house details and management
  • camera aap
  • contact app
  • many more…..

use Discord:


  • Right click on a channel dedicated for photos
  • Click Edit Channel
  • Click Integrations
  • Click View Webhooks
  • Click New Webhook
  • Confirm channel
  • Click Copy Webhook URL

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