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NoPixel’s version 4.0 introduced a groundbreaking inventory system that revolutionized item management within the popular GTA RP server. This script went beyond the limitations of previous iterations, offering a plethora of features that enhanced immersion and gameplay. While the inner workings are likely proprietary, let’s delve into the functionalities that made this system stand out.

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The NoPixel 4.0 inventory script set a new standard for inventory management in GTA RP servers. Its innovative features fostered deeper immersion, strategic gameplay, and collaborative experiences. While the script itself might not be available for public use, its influence is undeniable. Many other RP servers have drawn inspiration from its design principles, shaping the way players interact with virtual possessions within the world of GTA RP.


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Shared Inventory: A significant departure from past systems, the NoPixel 4.0 inventory allowed multiple characters to access and interact with the same pool of items. This fostered cooperation and teamwork, enabling players to share resources strategically.
  • Real-Time Updates: Gone are the days of delayed inventory changes. This script ensured instant updates across characters, reflecting any additions, removals, or movements of items within the shared pool. This created a dynamic and responsive experience.
  • Equipable Items: The system wasn’t limited to just storing items. Players could equip specific items, influencing their character’s stats or appearance. Imagine equipping a bulletproof vest for protection or a toolbelt for crafting.
  • Persistent In-World Drops: Items dropped in the world wouldn’t magically disappear. The script allowed persistent drops, meaning other players could interact with them, creating a more realistic ecosystem of abandoned loot and potential consequences for careless item handling.
  • Throwable Items: This addition injected a new layer of strategy. Players could throw objects like grenades or smoke bombs, adding a tactical dimension to roleplay scenarios.

The NoPixel 4.0 inventory script boasted additional functionalities that enriched the gameplay experience:

  • Item Weight and Size: Items weren’t just abstract entries. The script incorporated weight and size limitations, forcing players to make tough choices about what to carry. This added a touch of realism and encouraged resource management.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Players could assign frequently used items to hotkeys, enabling faster and more intuitive access during gameplay. This streamlined actions and heightened responsiveness in tense situations.
  • Detailed Item Descriptions: Gone were the days of cryptic item names. The script likely offered detailed descriptions, providing players with valuable information about an item’s purpose, usage, and potential benefits.

Showcase video of nopixel 4.0 inventory script –

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