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Introducing a compact script featuring two essential components: a notepad and notes. This script offers a straightforward functionality, enabling users to conveniently record their thoughts and ideas using the notepad. The remarkable aspect lies in the item metadata, where both the text and title are automatically saved. This ingenious design eliminates the necessity of saving data into a separate database or any other storage system.

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A small notepad fivem script containing two items: a notepads and notes. This script is quite simple; it allows you to use the notepad to jot down some notes. The text and title are saved in the item metadata, eliminating the need to save them in the database or any other storage system.

The script has support for QB inventory and OX inventory, you can toggle this in the config.


  • open source
  • Qbcore and ox
  • support qb and ox inventory
  • use as item
  • more info for check showcase

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