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OKOK Banking appears to be a well-featured script for FiveM RPG servers, offering a comprehensive in-game banking system. With features like custom accounts, job/society finances, and offline transfers, it caters to various role-playing needs. Server admins can leverage its functionalities to enhance their server’s virtual economy and provide a more immersive financial experience for players.

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OKOK Banking appears to be a custom in-game banking system designed for roleplay servers, particularly those built for the video game FiveM. It likely functions as a plugin or script that integrates with the roleplay server’s core framework.


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Deposit/withdraw/transfer money;
  • Transfer money to offline players;
  • The IBAN/PIN code can be changed to custom ones;
  • Job/society accounts;
  • addon_account_data support;
  • Register transactions from any other resource using the AddNewTransaction event;
  • Discord logs;
  • Translations.

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Possible Benefits:

  • Enhanced Roleplay: OKOK Banking injects a layer of financial management into the RPG experience. Players can engage in more immersive roleplay scenarios involving in-game businesses, salaries, or even criminal activities with virtual money transfers.
  • Streamlined Economy: The script can facilitate a server’s virtual economy by providing a centralized banking system for transactions. This can help maintain a sense of balance and prevent unregulated money flow within the game.
  • Customization Options: The ability to personalize accounts and manage separate job/society finances adds depth to the banking experience. Players can manage their virtual wealth according to their in-game characters’ professions or affiliations.
  • Server Management Tools: The script offers server admins configuration options to tailor the banking system to their specific RPG setting and needs.

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