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The blocklisting feature allows players to prevent other players from using certain vehicles on the server. This is useful for preventing players from using overpowered or exploitive vehicles.

The money transfer feature allows players to transfer money between each other. This is useful for making bets, paying for services, or simply giving money to friends.

The signature animation is a cool new feature that allows players to sign contracts more visually appealingly. This is a great way to add a touch of realism to the game.

The Discord logs feature allows players to view a record of all the chat messages sent on the Discord server. This is useful for keeping track of conversations and resolving disputes.

These are just a few features that make the okokContract FiveM server unique. If you are looking for a new and exciting FiveM server to play on, then I would recommend checking out contract

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okok vehicles contract is a script that allows players to sell their vehicles to other players. The script creates a contract item that can be used to transfer ownership of a vehicle. The contract item is then traded between the two players, and the vehicle is transferred to the new owner.

The FiveM vehicles contract script is a great way to add a sense of realism to your FiveM experience. It allows you to sell your vehicles to other players, which can be a great way to make money or to get rid of a vehicle that you no longer want.

The script is also very easy to use. Once you have installed the script, you can create a contract item by interacting with a vehicle. The contract item will then be added to your inventory. You can then trade the contract item to another player, and the vehicle will be transferred to them.

Blocklisting vehicles, transferring money between players after signing the contract, signature animation, and Discord logs are all features that make the okokContract FiveM server unique.


  • Backlist vehicles;
  • Transfer money between the players after signing the contract;
  • Signature animation;
  • Discord logs.

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