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This guide is made for qbcore. I will walk you through each and every step, using clear open code lua .

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qb-door lock| doorlock Script for Fivem.Used for some UI elements (i.e. notifications, progress circle, input), and cache.Players can lock and unlock doors in the game world of FiveM using a built-in function known as “QBCore door lock” that is part of the QBCore framework. Buildings and vehicles in the game will have an additional layer of protection and privacy thanks to this functionality.



General – Door name, a simple way to recognise the door.Anyone can unlock a door with a passcode by using the code or phrase.Autolock interval – After x seconds, the door will be locked.
Interact distance: Only when you are x metres away from the door can you use it.
Door rate – The rate at which sliding, automatic, garage, or swinging doors move when they are locked.
Locked – Sets the door’s default state to locked.
A pair of doors that are operated jointly is referred to as a “double door.”
Automatic sliding, garage, or other door.
Lockpick – When engaging with a targeting resource, a door can be lockpicked.
Hide UI – The door will not display any indicators (such as an icon or text).

Characters: Character identifiers used by frameworks, such as Player.CitizenId, xPlayer.identifier, and Character Id.Depending on the group framework and relating to employment, gangs, etc.,Grade,The grade required to enter as a group (



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