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The default UI of the QB-Menu looks outdated. A more modern design would make the menu more visually appealing and easier to use.

The default UI of the QB-Menu is too crowded. More whitespace would make the menu more organized and easier to navigate.

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The qb-menu redesign is a popular FiveM script that allows players to access a variety of features, such as inventory, jobs, and vehicles. However, the default UI and user experience of the QB-Menu can be improved.

The default fonts and icons in the QB-Menu are too small. Larger fonts and icons would make the menu more accessible to players with different visual needs.

The QB-Menu is already a powerful tool, but there are some additional features that could be added to improve the user experience. For example, a search function would allow players to quickly find the features they are looking for.


  • you can replace with qb-menu
  • uniqe redesign
  • fully open source
  • qbcore

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