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If you are running a FiveM server, I recommend using a money wash script to add some variety and interest to your server. This is a great script, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

Boost your Fivem server’s economy with our unique qb money wash script and locations with free money wash mlo Interior on qbcore

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A qb money wash fivem script in FiveM is a Lua script that allows players to convert dirty money into clean money. This is useful for players who have earned dirty money through illegal activities like robbery or drug dealing. The money wash script will typically charge a fee to convert the dirty money, and the amount of clean money returned will be less than the amount originally deposited.


  •  allows players to get rid of their dirty money, which can help reduce illegal activity on your server.
  •  improve your server’s realism, allowing players to launder their money realistically.
  • add a new layer of gameplay to your server, as players can compete to set up the most profitable money-wash businesses.

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