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Elevate your FiveM server with Qbcore Banking Interiors—an open-source script designed for immersive virtual banking. From account creation and real-time balance checks to secure deposits, withdrawals, and advanced features like interest rates and loans, this script transforms the in-game financial landscape. With integrated ATMs and customization options, Qbcore Banking Interiors ensures a dynamic and secure virtual banking experience. Empower players to create unique bank accounts, transfer funds seamlessly, and engage in transparent financial transactions. Administrators gain control with comprehensive tools, while fraud prevention measures safeguard the system’s integrity. Redefine virtual finance with Qbcore Banking Interiors—where innovation, security, and customization converge.

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Embark on a transformative virtual banking journey with Qbcore Banking Interiors—an innovative solution designed for FiveM servers. The robust QBcore framework allows this open-source script to offer various features, redefining in-game financial interactions.

Unlock the full potential of the Qbcore framework—an open-source and adaptable foundation that sets the stage for an immersive virtual experience within the game. Empower players with the ability to establish their virtual bank accounts, each uniquely identified within the gaming environment.

Provide real-time balance checks, granting players immediate insights into their in-game financial standing and transactions.Deliver a comprehensive transaction history feature, allowing players to review and track their recent financial activities seamlessly.

Enhance the virtual banking experience with integrated ATMs, providing players easy access to essential banking operations. Implement robust security features, including PIN authentication, to safeguard player accounts and maintain the integrity of the banking system.

Introduce a dynamic currency exchange feature, allowing players to convert their in-game currency at current exchange rates. Keep players informed about their financial transactions with in-game notifications, ensuring a seamless and transparent banking experience. Empower server administrators with comprehensive tools to monitor and manage the virtual banking system, ensuring fair play and compliance.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Account Creation
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transactions History
  • Transfer Funds
  • ATM Integration
  • Security Measures
  • Notifications
  • Customization Options

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qbcore bank robbery script

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