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Transform your GTA V roleplay server with QBcore Bennys Script Interiors. This open-source, customizable framework elevates vehicle customization with visual upgrades, performance enhancements, and an intuitive menu system. Ensure compatibility with the QBcore framework, persistence through restarts, and real-time visual feedback for an immersive experience. Grant administrators control with script configurations, creating a dynamic and personalized roleplay environment.

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Elevate your GTA V roleplay server with the Qbcore Bennys Script Interiors – a dynamic and customizable framework to enhance the vehicle customization experience. Harness the power of the Qbcore framework, offering unparalleled adaptability and integration for a seamless roleplaying environment. It fosters collaboration and innovation within the Qbcore community as an open-source script, empowering server administrators to shape their virtual worlds.

Immerse players in Bennys Original Motor Works, where vehicle customization goes beyond aesthetics. From visual upgrades such as custom paint jobs and window tinting to performance enhancements in engine, brakes, and suspension, every aspect of a vehicle can be personalized to meet the player’s unique style and preferences.

The interactive menu system ensures a user-friendly navigation experience, allowing players to explore and select modifications effortlessly. Integrate a cost and economy system to add a layer of realism to the customization process, creating an in-game economy that adds value to each change.

Compatibility with the QBcore framework ensures stability and harmonious integration with other scripts, contributing to a seamless and immersive roleplay experience. The persistence feature ensures that customizations endure server restarts and player logouts, providing consistency and reliability.

Real-time visual feedback lets players preview modifications, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction with the customization process. Grant server administrators control script configurations, allowing them to tailor the Bennys script to their roleplay server’s unique needs and balance.

Revolutionize your GTA V roleplay experience with Qbcore Bennys Script Interiors, where customization meets innovation for an unparalleled virtual journey.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Vehicle Customization
  • Visual Upgrades
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Unique Vehicle Options
  • Interactive Menu System
  • Cost and Economy Integration
  • Compatibility with Qbcore Framework
  • Persistence
  • Visual Feedback
  • Script Configuration

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Unlock customizations with qbcore bennys script., enhance roleplay. Explore QB-Customs, Advanced Mechanic, and QBcore Bennys V2
qbcore bennys script

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