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qbcore clothing menu Script For QBcore  advanced script with full optimized

Players can alter the appearance of their characters by using a qbcore clothing menu, which can be created using the QBCore framework. For servers that wish to give players a more unique and immersive gaming experience, a wardrobe menu is a beneficial tool.

Developers would need to write the appropriate code to generate the menu’s user interface and to handle the available clothing items in order to implement a clothes menu using QBCore. This would entail developing a special menu that shows the many apparel subcategories—such as hats, shirts, trousers and shoes—and enables players to browse and choose products from each category.


  • Configurable Ped Selection
  • Detailed nose, chin, jaw, cheek, etc. configuration
  • Camera Rotating
  • 3 Different Camera Angles
  • Clothing Stores
  • Barbers
  • Job Locker Rooms (Configurable Outfit Presets)
  • Saveable Outfits
  • /hat, /glasses, /mask (See the commands section below)

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