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You can write your own story with the QBcore Crafting Script, which turns every game session into an original and intimate journey. Let your imagination go wild and make your game experience unique.

With the smooth integration of the QBcore Crafting Script, experience the gaming of the future. Crafting becomes a smooth and natural process that improves your total gaming immersion, rather than a boring task. Both new and experienced players will find crafting to be easy with the script’s seamless integration into your gameplay environment.

Making your own tools, weapons, and other objects has never been so easy. By streamlining the crafting process, the QBcore Crafting Script frees up more time for you to appreciate the results of your creative endeavors. Experience the delight of building without the trouble, and each product you make will improve your gaming experience.

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We hated the idea of the crafting grind, so we made a qbcore crafting script that’s focused on blueprints that can be aquired from loot or by having the correct job.
Blueprints are items that have a unique value tied to them. By default you have to find one of the blueprint trainers to teach you a blueprint. These are found at the bottom of the Config file. You can disable them to make blueprints usable to learn the reciepe instead. Reciepes can also be tied to jobs, or both jobs and blueprints! The config holds a lot of comments to help you create your own recipes, crafting benches and blueprints!


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Blueprint based crafting
  • Easy addition of new recipes
  • Exports to give blueprints (through loot for example)
  • A UI made in VUE
  • Support for OX and QB inventory with limited support for other inventories (through QB)
  • Crafting skill reqirements

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