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The QBCore garage script is a f open source script that allow player in a FiveM server to store and retrieve vehicles in garages. It is based on the QBCore framework, which is a popular framework for FiveM servers.

The script also includes a number of customization options, such as the ability to change the location of garages, the types of vehicles that can be stored in garages, and the permissions that players have to access garages.

The QBCore garage script is a popular and versatile script that can be used to add a lot of functionality to your FiveM server. It is easy to install and customize, and it includes a number of features that players will find useful.

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advanced  qbcore garage script a script for FiveM that provides an advanced garage system for qbcore servers. It allows players to own multiple garages, each of which can store a variety of vehicles. The script also includes features such as impounding, private property garages.

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fivem advanced garage is a powerful script that can add a lot of flexibility to your FiveM server. However, it is important to be aware of the known bugs before you install it.


  • New And Uniqe Ui
  • Come with open source
  • Support on Qbcore Framework
  • Search vehicle system
  • Garage Total car view with in cars and out cars
  • Vehicle Health status
  • Vehicle Fuel status
  • Vehicle name and plate id
  • if you want check more features you can check showcase video

Preview video Of qbcore garage script –



  • This option for Developers /add_garage

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