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Explore the next level of FiveM gameplay with the QBcore HUD Script—an open-source, customizable solution built on the robust QBcore framework. This feature-rich script introduces real-time Health and Armor Display, detailed Vehicle Information, a comprehensive Minimap, and much more. Tailor your gaming experience with customizable design options, stay informed with a robust Notification System, and enhance communication with the Voice Chat Indicator. From precise Location Coordinates to immersive Weather Information, QBcore HUD Script provides a dynamic and personalized gaming interface. Download now to experience the freedom of customization, innovation, and a community-driven approach to HUD scripting in FiveM.

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Welcome to our qbcore hud script

Embark on a journey of enhanced gameplay and immersive experiences with our Qbcore HUD Script—a dynamic and customizable solution designed for FiveM servers. Developed on the robust foundation of the Qbcore framework, this open-source script introduces a host of features that redefine the in-game user interface.The Qbcore Framework sets the stage for innovation, allowing developers to explore, modify, and contribute to the script’s evolution. Open source and community-driven, our HUD script becomes a canvas for server owners to craft a truly unique and tailored gaming experience.Immerse players in the virtual battlefield with a real-time Health and Armor Display, ensuring heightened awareness and strategic decision-making during intense gameplay moments. Transform the driving experience by presenting crucial Vehicle Information such as speed, fuel levels, and engine status, allowing players to stay in control on the roads of your virtual realm. Navigate the expansive virtual world effortlessly with a detailed Minimap, highlighting key locations and player positions for seamless exploration and strategic gameplay. Bring precision to role-playing scenarios or large-scale coordination with Location Coordinates, offering players accurate positional information. Keep players financially informed with a Currency Display, providing an instant snapshot of their in-game balance for confident decision-making.

Add a touch of realism and immersion with a Clock and Date feature, simulating time progression within the game environment. Stay connected and informed with a robust Notification System, ensuring players receive critical updates, event notifications, and in-game messages. Tailor the visual experience to match the unique theme of your server with a Customizable Design, allowing server owners to adjust colours, fonts, and layout effortlessly. Foster effective communication among players with a Voice Chat Indicator, visually alerting users when others actively communicate. Enhance gameplay dynamics with a Status Effects feature, visually representing buffs or debuffs that influence players’ in-game performance.Deepen player engagement with Mission/Objective Tracking, offering clear goals and tasks within the virtual world for a more purposeful gaming experience. Simplify virtual exploration with GPS Navigation, guiding players to specific locations seamlessly and enhancing overall navigation in the virtual landscape. Experience the virtual world’s atmospheric shifts with real-time Weather Information, adding a layer of realism and strategic depth to gameplay. Empower server administrators with the flexibility to tailor the HUD to their server’s specific needs, adding or removing features effortlessly.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Health and Armor Display
  • Vehicle Information
  • Minimap
  • Location Coordinates
  • Currency Display
  • Customizable Design
  • Voice Chat Indicator
  • Status Effects
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Server Information

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Elevate your FiveM experience with qbcore hud script—dynamic, customizable, and free. Explore innovative features for immersive gameplay
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