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Add a new dimension to your QBcore server with mining! Our QBcore mining script provides a realistic and immersive experience, with multiple mining locations, different types of ore to collect, and more. Customize the script to fit your server needs and create a new way for players to earn money and resources.

QBCore mining can be a fun and rewarding job for players who enjoy gathering resources and earning money.


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QBCore mining is a type of job that players can do in the QBCore framework for FiveM. It is a relatively simple job that involves mining for resources such as stone, gold, and gems. Players can then sell these resources to vendors for money.

This resource will be actively updated to provide regular new features to players on your server.


  • open source
  • 0.00ms latency!
  • The resource is 100% configurable.
  • Job system
  • You have the option to purchase the necessary mining items and access to the mine garage from an NPC.
  • The pickaxe has an included durability system.
  • Barrel looting system present in the mine with various possible events.
  • xp losive system allowing the opening of the mine door.
  • qbcore

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