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The Slaughter Job is a fun and rewarding roleplay job. Players can earn money by working, and they can also purchase new equipment and clothing for their character. If you are looking for a new roleplay job to try

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The Slaughter Job in qbcore is a roleplay job where players can work as a butcher or a meatpacker. The job involves catching chickens, slaughtering them, and packaging the meat. Players can earn money by completing these tasks and purchasing new equipment and clothing for their character.

To start the Slaughter Job, players need to find a Slaughterhouse. There are several Slaughterhouses locat around the map, and they are mark on the map with a white butcher’s knife icon. Once players arrive at a Slaughterhouse, they can interact with the NPC to start working.

The first task in the Slaughter Job is to catch chickens. Players can do this by using a net to see the chickens. Once a chicken is detecte, it will be placed in the player’s inventory. Players can then take the chicken to the Slaughterhouse and slaughter it.

To slaughter a chicken, players need to use a knife. Once the chicken is kille, it will be placed in a container. Players can then take the container to the Packaging Station and package the meat.
Once the meat is package, players can sell it to the NPC at the Slaughterhouse. Players will earn money for each piece of meat that they sell.


  • collecting chickens
  • Processing the chickens
  • Packaging the chickens
  • Selling the chickens

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