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FiveM, a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V, allows players to experience custom roleplay servers. These servers often utilize various scripts to enhance gameplay and immersion. One such script is the radial menu, offering a user-friendly way to interact with the world and access various functionalities.

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Imagine a circular menu that pops up when you press a key. This menu displays a set of options, typically represented by icons or text, arranged around the circle. Selecting an option with your mouse or keyboard triggers the corresponding action within the script. Radial menus are intuitive and efficient, especially for actions you use frequently or require quick access.

FiveM leverages scripting languages like Lua to create custom functionalities. Popular frameworks like ESX and QBCore often have built-in radial menu libraries or allow integration with standalone scripts. These libraries provide functions for developers to:


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Define Menu Options: Developers specify the text or icon for each option and the action triggered when selected. This action could be anything from using an in-game item to initiating a specific roleplay scenario.
  • Configure Keybinds: Each radial menu is usually assigned a keybind for easy access. Players press the key to open the menu and navigate the options using their mouse or keyboard.
  • Create Submenus: Complex menus can be organized with submenus. Selecting a main menu option opens a nested menu with further choices, providing a hierarchical structure for a large number of actions.
  • Law Enforcement: Police officers might have a menu for issuing citations, searching suspects, or using various tools like tasers or radios.
  • Medical Personnel: Medics could have menus for administering medical supplies, reviving players, or interacting with medical equipment.
  • Civilians: Civilians might have menus for using their phones, interacting with ATMs, or accessing job-specific actions.
  • Inventory Management: Radial menus can be used to manage a player’s inventory, allowing them to quickly equip items, use consumables, or interact with crafting systems.
  • Vehicle Controls: Some scripts offer radial menus for controlling aspects of your vehicle, like activating sirens, deploying lights, or using specialized tools on emergency vehicles.

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Benefits of Using Radial Menus

  • Improved User Experience: Radial menus offer a clean and intuitive way to interact with complex functionalities. They are faster to access compared to navigating menus buried deep within a server’s user interface.
  • Enhanced Roleplay Immersion: Well-designed radial menus can feel more natural than traditional menus, immersing players deeper into their roles. For example, a police officer script might have a radial menu for issuing citations or using handcuffs, replicating real-life actions.
  • Customization: Script developers have a lot of control over the look and feel of the radial menu. They can customize icons, colors, and layouts to match the specific needs of their server.

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