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RadialMenu FiveM Interiors is the ultimate gaming companion, seamlessly integrating with the Qbcore Framework. This open-source radial menu offers quick access to actions, interaction options, and customizable shortcuts, providing an immersive experience for roleplay enthusiasts. Effortlessly manage vehicle controls and weapon selection and easily navigate through custom interiors. Tailor the menu to your server’s unique features and elevate your gaming experience with RadialMenu’s intuitive design. Streamline commands, enhance roleplay scenarios, and explore a world of possibilities with this indispensable tool.

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Elevate your FiveM server experience with RadialMenu, a feature-rich and open-source solution designed for seamless integration with the Qbcore Framework. This innovative radial menu brings unparalleled convenience and functionality to your gaming sessions, offering quick access to various actions and features.

The intuitive design of RadialMenu ensures that you can swiftly execute commands, enhancing your in-game efficiency. Whether you’re navigating the streets, engaging in roleplay scenarios, or managing vehicles and weapons, RadialMenu streamlines the process, making it an indispensable tool for any FiveM server.

Designed with the discerning gamer in mind, RadialMenu goes beyond basic functionality by offering a range of roleplay features. Immerse yourself in dynamic scenarios with enhanced interaction options and customizable shortcuts. The weapon selection feature ensures you’re always equipped for the challenges that may arise during gameplay.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Quick Access to Actions
  • Interaction Options
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Roleplay Features
  • Server-Specific Features

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Explore immersive roleplay with unique radialmenu fivem menu in FiveM, featuring customizable icons and seamless navigation. Leak-free experience
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