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These animations can significantly improve the believability and immersion of roleplay.

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Introducing sit script fivem Version 3, the ultimate seating solution for your FiveM experience! With sit script fivem V3, you have unparalleled control over where and how you sit in the game world.


  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Custom Seat Creation: Turn any prop into a comfortable seat. Whether it’s a bench, a chair, or even a crate, SynSit V2 lets you sit wherever you want.
  • Polyzone Seat Creation: Designate entire areas as seating zones using polyzones. Create custom seating areas in clubs, lounges, or outdoor spaces with ease.
  • Sit Anywhere Command: Instantly spawn a transparent clone of yourself that plays animations. Use this clone to position yourself perfectly for the ideal sitting experience.
  • Lean Anywhere Function: Detect nearby leanable surfaces and lean on them effortlessly. Lean against walls, counters, or any other suitable surface for added immersion.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy smooth and efficient performance with the latest optimizations. SynSit V2 is optimized for maximum performance without sacrificing functionality.
  • User-Friendly : Navigate and use SynSit V2 effortlessly with its intuitive System. Easily setup all features and settings for a seamless experience.
  • Unobfuscated Code: Access the script’s code without any obfuscation, allowing for easier customization and integration with other scripts.
  • Animation Variety: Play any animation you desire, not just sitting animations. Whether you want to lean, sleep, or practice yoga on a mat, SynSit V2 supports a wide range of animations.
  • Compatible with Ox Target and QB Target, SynSit V2 offers endless possibilities for enhancing your roleplay or gameplay experience in FiveM. Upgrade to SynSit V2 today and take control of your seating experience like never before!

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