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To tow a vehicle, players will need to interact with the vehicle with their tow truck. This will open a menu where they can select the vehicle they want to tow and the destination they want to tow it to. Once the player has selected the vehicle and destination, the tow truck will automatically tow the vehicle.

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A fun & simple standalone towing script fivem with job for QBCore. Go to the job start location, get your truck, clock in & you’re making money! Drive around and you will be given jobs at random intervals. Put the vehicle on your truck, deliver the vehicle to the impound and get paid! Optional configurations for settings such as a “job lock” to lock the job behind a specific job (feature supported for both ESX & QBCore).


  • Supports ESX & QBCore
  • Require job feature optional
  • Highly detailed config file
  •  11 pre-configured pickup locations (easily add more)
  • Drive around & get jobs at random intervals
  • Customize payout to player (account type, payout amounts, etc)
  • open source
  • esay to use
  • qbcore

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