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Immerse yourself in a dynamic and electrifying roleplay adventure with the FiveM Electrician Job. Take on the role of a skilled virtual electrician, where every flick of the switch and every wire connected adds a layer of realism to your gaming experience. This job introduces a new dimension of immersive roleplay, making each task a thrilling and authentic challenge.

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Simple fivem electrician job. Go to start point on the map labeled on the map as “Electric Job”.  Spawn the vehicle, wait for job, fix the lights.  If you ever get stuck at some point Home Key with reset your duty and job status and allow it to end.

Become a virtual maestro of wires and repairs with the Qbcore  Electrician Job. This job offers an intricate and realistic simulation of electrical systems, providing you with the opportunity to master the art of virtual wiring. Delve into the challenges of diagnosing electrical issues, troubleshooting circuits, and executing flawless repairs.


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore

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