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In the world of FiveM, where customized servers reign supreme, a garage script is an essential tool for players. It allows them to store their prized vehicles securely, away from the dangers of the open road (and other mischievous players).

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Most FiveM garage script rely on a scripting framework like ESX or QBCore. These frameworks provide the foundation for server-side logic and communication with the game client. The specific features and functionalities will depend on the chosen framework and script.


  • open source
  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • esay to use
  • qbcore
  • Futuristic Nice UI
  • Search Option For Cars In The Garage
  • Detailed Car Informations
  • Sell Secondhand Cars From UI
  • Transfer Your Car From UI
    Gasoline Indicator In Car Shows
  • If The Car In Garage Or Outside
  • Engine Health Indicator
  • Multiple Garages: Allows players to own multiple garages, spread across the map for added convenience.
  • Vehicle Management: Provides options to manage stored vehicles, like setting a default spawn vehicle or organizing them within the garage.
  • Customization: Some scripts allow customizing garage interiors or adding visual indicators to show which vehicles are stored inside.
  • Inventory Integration: Linking the script with an inventory system allows players to manage vehicle keys or pay storage fees.
  • Economy Integration: Scripts can be tied to the server’s economy, allowing players to purchase garage space or pay for vehicle recovery services.

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Benefits of Using a Garage Script:

  • Security: Prevents players from losing their vehicles to theft or accidental destruction.
  • Convenience: Allows quick access to stored vehicles at designated locations.
  • Roleplay Enhancement: Adds a layer of realism and encourages players to invest in their vehicle collection.
  • Server Customization: Garage scripts can be configured to fit the server’s theme and economy.


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