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This script is one of the most popular advanced jail scripts available for FiveM. It offers a wide range of features, such as the ability for players to work in jail, the ability for players to escape from jail, and the ability for players to be punished for breaking jail rules.

Advanced jail scripts are a great way to add a sense of realism and progression to your FiveM server. They can also help to keep players engaged and motivated. If you are looking for a way to improve the jail system on your server, then an advanced jail script is a great option.

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Advance fivem jail script is a one-size fits all solution for jail systems, with high quality features that have yet to be seen in a free prison script.
It also has a lot of innovations, such as multiple prison support, which lets you send people to different prisons on the map (requires setup).


  • Supports both non-target and target!
  • Work & Activities (Kitchen, Cleaning, Workouts)
  • Create your own Work & Activities in the config! (Config.Activities)
  • Multiplayer Breakouts
  • Multiple Prison Support
  • Commands (/jail, /unjail, /jailstatus)
  • Takes & Returns Items Before & After Jail
  • Automatic Outfit Switcher
  • Commisary & Prison Plug (Used for Contraband Trades)
  • Collectable Items around the prison, with regen timer.
  • Custom Jail Siren System (Works with .MP3)
  • And more!

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