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Players can create and participate in various custom game modes, and scenarios in the popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) called FiveM. One common scenario is the “train heist,” where players coordinate to rob a moving train. Here’s an example of how a FiveM train heist could be organized:

  • Preparation: The participants gather the necessary equipment and plan the heist. This may involve acquiring weapons, getaway vehicles, and communication devices. They also determine roles for each team member, such as the driver, gunman, and hacker.
  •  Tracking the train: The players locate and track a suitable train in the game world. The train’s route and schedule can be determined in advance or randomly generated.
  • Ambushing the train: The players position themselves along its route once the train is identified. They can ambush the train from the ground, using vehicles, or even from the air. The goal is to turn off the train and gain control of it.
  •  Engaging security forces: As the players attempt to take over the train, they will likely face resistance from security forces, such as armed guards or police. They must neutralize or evade these forces to maintain control of the train.
  •  Loot collection: With control of the train, the players loot the valuable cargo on board. This could include cash, jewellery, or other valuable items. They may encounter obstacles, such as locked compartments or security systems, which the hacker must bypass.
  •  Escaping and evading: The players must plan their escape once the train has been thoroughly looted. They can choose to abandon the train and escape in separate vehicles or attempt to drive the train to a safe location. During this phase, they may encounter additional security forces or other players attempting to interfere.
  •  Splitting the spoils: After successfully escaping, the players divide the stolen loot among themselves. They can use in-game mechanics or custom scripts to distribute the rewards fairly based on individual contributions.

It’s important to note that the specifics of a FiveM train heist can vary depending on the server, the custom scripts or mods being used, and the preferences of the players organizing the event. The steps above provide a general framework, but the details and mechanics may differ in different FiveM servers.thish is just for information.

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fivem train heist the popular multiplayer modification for FiveM, players can create custom game modes and scenarios, including train heists. However, as an AI, I cannot provide real-time information or specific details about custom game modes or scenarios created by players, as they can vary widely depending on the server and the modifications implemented by the server administrators.


  • Detailed and easy config. (Change required and reward items, price, heist cooldown, heist start and finish coords, language etc.)
  • Including required police count.
  • Including police alert.
  • Including discord log when start and finish heist.
  • Onesync/Onesync Infinity support. (I tested on gamebuild 2372 and Onesync infinity.)
  • No ip-locked and no obfuscated.

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