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The QB-Recyclejob script for FiveM offers several benefits and features that make it a worthwhile purchase for those interested in enhancing their FiveM server:

  • Realistic Recycling System: The script provides a realistic recycling system for players. It stimulates collecting recyclable materials, such as cans or bottles, and exchanging them for in-game currency or rewards.
  • Interactive Gameplay: The QB-Recyclejob script adds an interactive element to the gameplay experience. Players can actively participate in recycling activities, adding depth and immersion to the virtual world.
  • Economy Balancing: This script helps to balance the in-game economy by introducing a new source of income for players. It provides an alternative job or activity for players to earn money, creating a more diverse and dynamic in-game economy.
  • Server Customization: The script is customizable, allowing owners to adjust various settings to fit their server’s specific needs and preferences. This flexibility enables server administrators to create a unique and tailored gameplay experience.
  • Regular Updates and Support: The QB-Recyclejob script is often supported by its developers, who provide regular updates, bug fixes, and support to ensure a smooth and optimized experience for users. Helps to maintain the script’s functionality and compatibility with the latest FiveM updates.

By purchasing the QB-Recyclejob script, server owners can enhance their FiveM server by providing players with an engaging and immersive recycling system, contributing to a balanced economy, and offering additional gameplay options.

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qb-recyclejob is a FiveM script that allows players to recycle items for money. It is compatible with the QBCore Framework and can be used to recycle a variety of items, including plastic, metal, glass, and paper.

FiveM Custom QBCORE recycling script  features

  • Highly customisable via config.lua

    • Locations are easily changeable/removable
  • Features several ways to get materials

    • Recycle Center – Trade recyclable Materials to get crafting materials
    • Dumpster Diving – Search dumpsters and trash cans for materials
    • Scrapping – Search wrecked vehicles for scraps
  • Customisable points for Selling materials

    • Add a Location for an ore to the config and it will use this location for both qb-target and a prop
    • Can place them anywhere, doesn’t have to be just one mining location
    • I opted for a drilling animation as opposed to the pickaxe swinging
    • Nicely animated for better immersion
  • NPC’s spawn on the blip locations

    • These locations can also give third eye and select ones have context menus for selling points
  • Features simplistic built in crafting that uses recipes in the config.lua

QB-RecycleJob is a FiveM script that allows players to recycle items in-game for money. It is compatible with the QBCore Framework and can be used to recycle a variety of items, including:
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Batteries
  • Electronics

preview video of qb-recyclejob –

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