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In FiveM, “boosting” usually refers to the act of improving a vehicle’s performance through the use of cheat software or game file modifications. Boosting is widely frowned upon by the FiveM community because it can provide players an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Yet, there are some FiveM servers that provide gamers with actual boosting services, allowing them to pay to have skilled technicians modify and upgrade their vehicles. These services could consist of body kits, suspension enhancements, engine tuning, and other modifications that might enhance the vehicle’s performance and appearance.

Players who specialise in car customising and have their own shops or garages in the game may offer boosting services. These players might charge other players for their services or provide them as

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  • Image import from your inventory (you don’t need to manually import the image to  carboost)
  • Animation when opening laptop
  • Different hacking amount for each tier
  • Different price/reward for each tier
  • Different vinprice for each tier
  • fix error when vehicle got impounded


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