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QBCore Radio is a resource for the FiveM gaming platform that allows players to listen to music and other audio content while they are in-game. It is based on the popular NoPixel radio system and features.

Enhance Your RP with QBcore Radio script : Tune In for Immersive FiveM Adventures and Enjoy High-Quality Soundtracks with pma voice system

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Qbcore radio is a framework-standalone user interface for radio control. The only dependency is pma-voice system.

You can use any supported framework to enable additional features such as usable item or restrictions. Supported frameworks are ox_core, es_extended and qb-core.


  • Two available channel presents customisable by player
  • Channel frequency restrictions for groups/jobs
  • Usable item for ox_inventory and any ESX / QB inventory
  • Variable frequency limit and step between them
  • Add your own notification system easily
  • Detailed config explanation
  • Tooltips for individual buttons on the radio
  • Buttons for complete volume control (up, down, mute)
  • Choose between command and usable item
  • Configurable key mapping for command
  • Support for custom locales

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