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TunerJob is a script for FiveM that allows players to work as automobile tuners in a custom car shop. The script is supposed to be immersive and realistic, with a range of elements and activities that players can engage in.

By working on automobiles for clients, fulfilling unique demands, and competing in races, players can earn money. The script also incorporates a ranking system, where users may advance in rank and unlock new skills and features as they accumulate reputation and experience.

The TunerJob script can be modified to meet the requirements of various servers and can be combined with other features and scripts. Some servers may decide to only let select players access the TunerJob or to make them take a test before they can access it.

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qbcore tuner job | fivem tuner shop mlo Free


  • Third-eye targeting for entire job + Crafting + Shop !
  • Here we have a indepth Player Owned Mechanic Job for your server
  • You can craft all engine parts ie turbo, engine1,2,3,4, transmissin1,2,3, brakes1,2,3, suspension1,2,3,4, lockpicks & repairkits
  • You manually install parts to vehicles
  • Inspect vehicles health and upgrades
  • Job locked store to allow for buying cheap racing / mechanic items.
  • Third-eye targeting for entire job
  • Target Crafting Bench to make parts
  • Target Till systems to make payments / sales
  • Target Boss Menu laptop
  • Target Duty Laptop
  • Target Outfits
  • Target stash / storage
  • Target Vehicles to inspect,clean,fix


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