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For server owners looking to create a cohesive and interconnected gaming environment, our script offers integration with economy systems, server-wide notifications, and compatibility with role-playing servers. Fine-tune the script to your liking with a range of configuration options, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your server’s unique setup.

Built with error-handling mechanisms, our Car Wash Script guarantees players a smooth and error-free experience, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable gaming environment. Its compatibility with various frameworks makes it a versatile choice for server owners, allowing them to integrate the script effortlessly into their preferred server setup.

Our commitment to community involvement is evident through integrating community feedback into script updates. We actively seek input from our user base, ensuring that the Car Wash Script evolves based on the needs and preferences of the gaming community.
Upgrade your FiveM server with the Car Wash Script today and offer your players a realistic, engaging, and customizable car cleaning experience that adds a new layer of immersion to your virtual world.

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Welcome to our car wash script fivem

Immerse your FiveM server in a new level of realism and engagement with our Car Wash Script. Built on the custom Qbcore Framework, this open-source solution provides players with a comprehensive and customizable car wash experience. Choose from various locations, each offering a unique atmosphere, and engage players with interactive markers that make the car wash process intuitive and immersive.

Our script doesn’t just stop at visual appeal; it brings realism to life with carefully crafted animations, realistic water and foam effects, and a range of audio enhancements. The inclusion of a cost and payment system adds an economic layer to the car wash feature, allowing players to manage their in-game finances strategically.

Offer your players multiple wash options, letting them customize their car wash experience to suit their preferences. The notification system keeps players informed about the progress and completion of their car wash, enhancing the overall user experience. Visual upgrades and compatibility with vehicle mods ensure the car wash feature remains fresh and appealing to your gaming community.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Realistic Animation.
  • Water and Foam Effects
  • Cost and Payment System
  • Multiple Wash Options
  • Customization Features
  • Notification System
  • Compatibility with Vehicle Mods
  • Integration with Economy Systems
  • Compatibility with Role-Playing Servers:
  • Script Configuration Options

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Revitalize your virtual fleet car wash script fivem script for FiveM. Explore ESX integration, MLO support, and immersive features.

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